Court Report – August 17


State of Minnesota

Joesph T. Alosa, Concord, N.H., speed, $140.

Joseph E. Andres, Okoboji, Iowa, speed, $140.

Girmay A. Asres, St. Paul, speed, $140.

Brian J. Barbera, Harrisburg, Pa., speed, $140.

Myron N. Boelter, Windom, speed, $140.

George H. Boettger, Faribault, speed, $140.

Jill M. Bofenkamp, Westminster, Colo., speed, $140.

Ramos E. Casimiro, Worthington, no Minnesota driver’s license, $190.

Mabor A. Chabil, Austin, driving after revocation, $290.

Gregory R. Cricuolo, Cheshire, Conn., speed, $290.

Haileabe G. Demisse, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $150.

Becky R. Dutenhoffer, Aberdeen, S.D., speed, $130.

Jeffery S. Eaton, Adrian, daily vehicle inspection report required, $140.

Olivia H. Ebbers, Worthington, speed, $140.

Roseann M. Elbert, Ceylon, expired registration, $120.

Wayne B. Fisk, no proof of insurance, $290.

Linda D. Fredrickson, Spirit Lake, IA., speed, $140.

Daniel C. Greene, Minneapolis, no proof insurance, $290.

Tina L. Ham, Duluth, speed, $140.

Lauren K. Hanson, Redwood Falls, speed, $130.

Victoria Hernandez, Miami, FL., speed, $130.

Jeffrey J. Hoefs, Littleton, Colo., speed, $130.

Tamara L. Hull, Sun Prairie, Wis., speed, $130.

Samantha E. Hyatt, Dell Rapids, S.D., speed, $140.

Jeremy S. Jamison, Indianapolis, Ind., no seat belt, $115.

Gary L. Johnson, Farmington, Mo., speed, $130.

Douglas L. Kell, Highland Park, Ill., speed, $130.

Birgit O. Kelly, Fridley, speed, $140.

Charles M. Kirby, Mount Vernon, Ky., no seat belt, $115.

Jennifer C. Kranz, n address given, no Minnesota driver’s license, $190.

Jesse W. Kunerth, Palm Bay Pla., speed in work zone, $390.

William A. Liguori, Columbia, Md., speed, $230.

Rodney W. Luckhurst, Pierre, S.D., speed, $140.

Thomas A. Mabwoga, Lakefield, no insurance, $290.

Audelina R. Mendez, Worthington, no Minnesota driver’s license, $190; no proof insurance, $200.

Andres Mendez Flores, Des Moines, Wash., speed, $150.

Melody A. Mendiola, Brooklyn Park, speed, $140.

Michael N. Mikailin, Buffalo Grove Ill., speed, $230.

Julius J. Mitchell, Chicago, Ill., speed, $150.

Abigail A. Moeller, Cumming, Iowa, speed, $130.

Edgar P. Murillo, Worthington, window tint, $140.

Wanda L. Nelson, Braham, speed, $130.

Anthony D. Nielson, Sioux Falls S.D., speed, $130.

Michelle A. Poore, St. Paul, speed, $140.

Mark A. Pyle, Sious Falls, S.D., texting/use of electronic device whil driving, $140.

Hao Rathsavong, Mt. Lake, speed, $130.

Ryan M. Salzwedel, Lakefield, speed, $130.

Lynn J. Saueressig, Oostburg, Wis., no seat belt, $115.

Emmanuel Y. Saye, Sartell, speed, $130.

Jacqueline J. Schroeder, Granville, Iowa, speed, $130.

Donald F. Schultz, St. Paulspeed, $130.

Arthur P. Silva, Sioux City, Iowa, speed, $140.

Alane D. Simon-Kramer, Scotch Grove, Iowa, Speed, $130.

Karmvir Singh, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $150.

Scott A. Skar, Brandon, S.D., speed, $130.

Scott A. Soderquist, Naperville, Ill., speed, $140.

Daniel A. Spilde, Woodbury, speed, $130.

Juhl C. Stavnes, Lamberton, no seat belt, $115.

Brent R. Stern, Round Lake, driving afer suspension, $290.

James L. Stumpf, Worthington, no seat belt, $115.

Tyler J. Szudlo, Omaha, Neb., speed, $130.

Aliyah J. Tiede, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $230.

Jesse J. Timmerman, Hudson, Wis., speed, $150.

Douglas Tinklenberg, Harrisburg S.D., speed, $140.

Jesus A. Villa, Marshalltown Iowa, illegal u-turn, $140.

Kenneth L. Wagner, Winnetoon, Neb., no seat belt, $115.

Stephen R. Wells, Naperville, Ill., speed, $130.

Jackson County

Miguel A. Arizmendi-Cobos, Estherville, Iowa, driving without valid license, $190.

Jeremy O. Barnes, Lakefield, driving without valid license, $190; operate unregistered vehicle, $100; speed, $40; uninsured vehicle, $200; no seat belt, $25.

Octavio A. Becerra, Windom, driving after revocation, $285; 10 days of 10 days local confinement stayed for one year one year supervised probation, obtain driver’s license.

Cary B. Brockman, Okoboji, Iowa, speed, $130.

Matthew R. Fink, Savage, speed, $290.

Dustin L. Haberman, Lakefield, driving after suspension, $290.

David R. Hofmann, Heron Lake, driving after suspension, $290.

Kaleb D. Johnson, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $$130.

Phonpraseuth Khennavong, Jackson, failure to stop, $140.

Brandon M. Koch, Milford, Iowa, no proof insurance, $290.

Jenesy K. Mejia Campos, Worthington, uninsured vehicle, $290; speed, $140.

Brandon G. Ross, Fairmont, parking restrictions, $37.

Chay A. Rossow, Lakefield, DWI, $615; 30 days of 30 days local confinement stayed for one year, one year unsupervised probation, complete chemical assessment, attend MADD Impact Panel.

Christopher B. Shonkwiler, Jackson, failure to stop, $140.

John P. Spillman, Lakefield, controlled substance crime in the fifth degree, $1,460; 30 days local confinement credit for three days time served, five years supervised probation, chemical dependency evaluation/treatment, random testing, no alcohol/controlled substance use, obey all laws, pay restitution, pay costs of prosecution, pay restitution, obtain permission to leave state of Minnesota, give DNA sample, do not use or possess firearms, ammunition or explosives, do not register to vote or vote until civil rights fully restored.

City of Lakefield

Antonio M. Campbell, Fayetteville, N.C., driving without a valid license, $190.

Kristina M. Lafontaine, Cromwell, driving after cancellation, $290.

Susan J. Vedeen, Eden Prairie, speed, $150.

City of Heron Lake

Steven J. Beyer, Windom, parking and storage of inoperable vehicle (+30 days), $22.

James A. Isder, Round Lake, driving after revocation, $290.

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