Jottings by Jerry 8-31-16


The big Labor Day Weekend is on us bringing with it the last hurrah of the Summer. Sure, there are a lot of fine days left and officially it ends with the beginning of Autumn on September 22, but the end is here or about here. I like the  coming of Autumn and with it the hunting season. Hunting season makes coffee taste better, the air is fresher and the waterfowl migration starts. Hunting allows you to spend hours setting by a marsh, in a tree or in a boat without anyone pointing fingers at you wondering if you lost it. Maybe I lost it long ago and haven’t realized it yet. However, it’s an enjoyable time watching nature go about life. The pheasant population looks good for the area because of the passable winter and warm rains this spring.

We are out of Renaissance Festival tickets for this year. I’m sure we will have more again next year. The Festival will be in full swing each weekend thru September and the first weekend in October. The location of the festival will remain as was for another two years but is subject to change.

* * *

Father: Don’t you think our son gets his brains from me?

Mother: Probably, dear. I still have all of mine.

* * *

The man applied for a job with a chain food store. “What is your experience with groceries?” asked the interviewer. “Well,” said the applicant. “I’m eating them all the time.”

* * *

Enjoy the holiday and have a good week!

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