Court Report – July 27

State of Minnesota

Hayder B. Al Khlewee, Kent, Wash., speed, $140.

Omar A. Ali, Mankato, inattentive driving, $130.

Mark J. Allen, Windom, speed, $150.

Micah D. Armstrong, Nicollet, speed, $140.

Ka Shawna L. Bell, Lake Oswego, Ore., speed, $290.

Thomas J. Berdelle, Chicago, Ill., unsafe passing, $140.

Debra L. Chistopherson, Heron Lake, speed, $140.

Gerald B. Cooper, Brooklyn Center, speed, $140.

Layton B. Crook, Norman, Okla., speed, $130.

Ruben Diaz-Morena, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $230; no Minnesota driver’s license, $100.

Cody D. Dilger, South St. Paul, speed, $140.

Thomas J. Dotson, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $140.

Jose G. Echeuerria Pineda, Worthington, speed, $140.

Nathan D. Eide, Storden, speed, $230.

Lawerence V. Forbes, spencer, Iowa, fail to obey traffic control device, $140.

Joel L. Hartzler, Alpah, window  tint, $140.

Codey M. S. Hayes, Windom, speed, $140.

Joesph C. Hill, Hartly, Del., speed, $140.

Robert P. Hoffman, Westerville, Ohio, speed, $140.

Sara A. Holloway, Chester, N.J., speed, $140.

Saddam R. Huezo, Humble, Texas, speed, $130.

Skipp M. Jacobson, Davenport, Iowa, speed, $150.

Kevin B. Janssen, Jackson, speed, $140.

Vijayan P. Kizhsevur, Addison, Ill., speed in work zone, $390.

Paul S. Krenik, Coon Rapids, speed, $130.

Robert J. Lems, Canton, S.D., speed, $130.

Timothy B. Lynch, Brooklyn Park, speed, $130.

Michael R. McSorley, Council Bluffs, Iowa, speed, $140.

Ruben D. Moreno, Sioux Falls, S.D., no seat belt, $115.

Pamela J. Morreale, Lake Elmo, speed, $130.

William M. Mulder, Worthington, speed, $140.

Zaw K. naing, St. Paul, speed in work zone, $390.

Gregory L. Parks, Minneaplois, speed, $140.

Ramila R. Patel, Mount Prospect, Ill., speed, $150.

Eric B. Pavelko, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Vadiraj Purohit, Westland, Mich., speed, $150.

Christopher L. Railsback, Dakota Dunes, S.D., speed in work zone, $390.

Lowanda L. Richardson, Apple Valley, speed, $140.

Timothy M. Schmolke, Stillwater, speed, $140.

Gaurav Srivastava, Schaumburg, Ill., speed, $140.

Khamphone Thammalong, Worthington, window tint, $1400.

Toni E. Thomas, Sioux Falls, S.D., no seat belt, $115.

Lynda M. Treanor, Shakopaa, speed, $130.

Moung W. Tun, Storm Lake, Iowa, speed, $140.

Dustin D. Voss, Lakefield, speed, $140.

Phillip J. Waldner, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $140.

Michael A. Walker, no address given, speed, $290.

Ronald J. Wertish, Redwood Falls, speed, $130.

Magdalene S. White, Worthington, driving after revocation, $290.

Jackson County

Terry L. Gorsh, Boone, Iowa, speed, $230.

Nate A. Hotzler, Jackson, failure to stop, $140.

Kathryn A. Mannion, Prior Lake, speed,$130.

Brandon J. Nelson, Lakefield, driving after revocation, $290; no proof of insurance, $200.

Brady A. Oeltjenbruns, Lakefield, speed, $150.

Christopher J. Rosenkranz, Heron Lake, DWI, $90; 120 of 180 days local confinement stayed for two years, credit for 60 days served, two years unsupervised probation, complete chemical assessment and follow all recommendations, no alcohol/controlled substance use, MADD Impact Panel, obey all laws.

Raymond L. Savage, Everly, Iowa, speed, $390.

Ialda J. Schramm, South St. Paul, speed, $230.

Ainsley E. Stanga, Spirit Lake, Iowa, speed, $140.

Larry J. Welcher, Windom, driving without valid license, $190.

City of Heron Lake

Omar Vasquez, Heron Lake, driving after revocation, $290; failure to obtain new driver’s license after changing name or address, $290.

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