Jottings by Jerry – July 13


We continue to get rain in time to meet the needs of the crops. Even my lawn, which I can usually depend on going dormant about this time of year saving the mowing time, is lush and green as if it was the first of May. It will be better than watering the flower beds because a little rain is better than a lot of watering.

On one of my trips to the Veterans Administration Medical Facility in Sioux Falls, I was given a bag of coffee. It was Joe Muggs ground coffee. The bag I received was “Joe’s Choice” a medium roast described as medium-bodied with sweet caramel and brown sugar notes and a cocoa finish. The bag had a thank you and was signed by Liam Green, age eight, Hilliard, FL. I have never been a fan of flavored coffee, preferring to have that solid rap of straight coffee. The bag set on the counter for a week as I reached for the regular coffee until last Saturday afternoon when we were playing with my woodpile. Louise thought it was time to try it. My thought was, its not morning so if we had to try it, the best time would be not morning when I needed a straightforward shot of caffeine with no frills. I was wrong, the coffee was good, real good. I will drink Joe Muggs coffee, particularly Joe’s choice, anytime. Hats off to young Mr. Green of Hilliard, Florida. You are welcome and thank you for your appreciation.

* * *

Never consider yourself less than anyone, though never consider anyone less than yourself.

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Have a good week.

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