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September 26, 2012

In the Matter of the Petition for Improvement and the Redetermination of Benefits Jackson County Judicial Ditch No. 22
Whereas, a petition for the improvement of a separable part of Judicial Ditch No. 22 has been filed and the engineer appointed by the Jackson County Drainage Authority has filed the Final Engineers Report and, Whereas the Jackson County Drainage Authority has appointed viewers to determine the benefits of the petitioned improvement and to redetermine the benefits and damages for the originally constructed and/or subsequent improved and they have filed the Viewers Report for the Determination of Benefits for the petitioned improvement and the Viewers Report for the Redetermination of Benefits with the County Auditor, NOW, THEREFORE, Notice is hereby given that the Drainage Authority will hear public comment on the Final Engineers Report, the determination of benefits for the petitioned improvement and acceptance of the redetermination of benefits at the Community Room in the Jackson Resource Center in Jackson, Minnesota on September 25, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. All persons interested in the improvement of or the redetermination of benefits wanting to be heard should appear at this time. If accepted, the improvement may be ordered constructed and the redetermined benefits will replace those now being used. Future maintenance expenses will be assessed based upon the combined improvement and redetermined benefits. The drainage system affects properties within Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, and 18 in Rost Township all within Jackson County. The names of the individuals affected are: BILLY L & SUSAN M WURDEMAN, DANIEL W & MARLYS J MILBRATH, DAVID & INES HENNING, DAVID H POST, EDWARD A MILBRATH REV LIV TRST, EDWARD GLASER TRUST, FERN M KROGH TRUST, GERALD L & GLORIA MILBRATH, HELEN C POST TRUST, HILDA RICKERT, JEROME & JEANNE C MILBRATH, LESTER C & ROSE M RUTHENBECK, MATTHEW F & MARIKO LABARON, ROBERT A LANGE ETAL, VIOLET SCHELHAAS, WALTER J ULBRICHT TRUST, WILLIAM A POST TRUST, JACKSON HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, ROST TOWNSHIP

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