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October 5, 2009

State of Minnesota

Salvador Aranda-Martinez, Waukegan, Ill., speed, $300.
State of Minnesota

Salvador Aranda-Martinez, Waukegan, Ill., speed, $300.

Leroy W. Baerg, Windom, no seat belt, $115.

Donald R. Ball, Shell Rock, Iowa, speed, $130.

Michael M. Bradshaw, White Bear Lake, speed, $130.

Joshua A. Brummels, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $130.

Gregory G. Chonko, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Jason A. Dorschner, Sherburn, no seat belt, $115.

Lyle H. Fisher, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Robert M. Garloff, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Stefany G. Getty, Hudson, Wis., speed, $130.

Lynn A. Hangartner, Byron, speed, $140.

Cathy L. Johnson, Loves Park, Ill., speed, $130.

Megan J. Knutson, Inver Grove Heights, speed, $140.

Jeremy S. Leclerc, Rapid City, S.D., speed, $130.

Jaime A. Lipszyc, Clamar, Iowa, no seat belt, $115.

Jason A. Lounsbery, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, $130.

Dennis L. Lucibella, Citrus Heights, Calif., speed, $130.

Shormari D. Macon, Suffolk, Va., speed, $130.

Sheldon S. Olson, Avoca, traffic regulation - controlled access/ crossovers, $140.

Meghan B. Pandya, Plymouth, speed, $130.

Edward L. Paquette, Duluth, no seat belt, $115.

Brook F. Parent, Ham Lake, speed, $130.

David L. Pearson, Chicago, Ill., speed, $130.

Melissa A. Plath, Yankton, S.D., speed, $230.

Fahim Qayumzada, Sioux Falls, S.D., $225.

Michael W. Renner, Grays Lake, Ill., speed, $230.

Christopher S. Roberts, Ellsworth, S.D., speed, $130.

Jason S. Roncali, Copperas Cove, Texas, speed, $130.

John E. Skrove, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Kyle N. Smith, Mankato, speed, $130.

Aimee L. Snell, Blaine, speed, $130.

Brandon D. Stage, Vesta, no seat belt, $115.

Dale C. Vale, Little Rock, Iowa, speed, $130.

Chelsy M. Weires, Lakefield, speed, $130.

Alyson Y. Wesselink, Worthington, speed, $130.

Audra J. Wilinski, Presho, S.D., speed, $130.

Xinghong Yan, Brookings, S.D., speed, $140. County of Jackson

Jill J. Brown, South St. Paul, speed, $130.

Nicole M. Glenn, Luverne, speed, $150.

Craig J. Hakes, Jackson, no seat belt, $115.

Melanie J. Hussong, Sioux Falls, S.D., inattentive driving/speed, $127.

Leeann M. McConnell, Lakefield, speed, $130.

Denise M. McFarland, Rochester, speed, $130.

Dawn D. Meyer, Jackson, speed, $150.

Tiffany M. Segebart, Storm Lake, Iowa, underage drinking, $190. City of Jackson

Jonathan R. Fry, Bondurant, Iowa, speed, $130.

Thomas F. Swoyer, Willmar, driving after suspension of license, $290.

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