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August 13, 2008

We want your news call me at 468-2439 with your happenings! What a beautiful week we had.
By Sharlotte Rindfleisch We want your news call me at 468-2439 with your happenings! What a beautiful week we had.

Happy 18th Birthday to my son, Dustin Rindfleisch and happy birthday to my sister, Sheila Crowley on the 13th. Happy Birthday to Julia Vongphachan on the 14th, Marlene Hart and Janet Engler on the 15th, Rose Vandenbosch and David Peterson on the 17th, and Morgen Vanmeyden on the 18th.

Guest Day at Grace Lutheran Church in Westbrook is scheduled for Wednesday, August 20th at 2pm.

Needed! volunteers for Sunday School and Christian Education. There will be a meeting for all volunteers at Immanuel Lutheran of rural Fulda on Saturday, August 23rd at 9am.

The Youth Group is planning a trip to the Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls on Friday, August 29th.

The Fall Festival at Shalom Hill Farm will be September 6th. "Starfire" band will be entertaining at 6:30. Your donated baked goods, garden produce, and homemade crafts would be appreciated.

Last weekend there was a city wide garage sale in Dundee. They were a great success. It was fun visiting with our faithful shoppers.

Thursday after work Marie Derby, Thelma Stanley, and Mary Schipper enjoyed coffee at the bakery in Worthington.

Thelma Stanley, Chuck Berger and David Kashmir, Worthington, and Mary Schipper, Dundee attended the Vikings game on Friday evening.

Donnie and Shantel Kruger attended the Flint Knapping show in Lake Benton on Sunday.

Jay Clausen was one of many that had a garage sale last weekend. Peggy and Dennis Clausen, Heron Lake helped him with it.

Jay Clausen, Dundee, and Dan and Donna McFadden and girls of Windom were dinner guests on Sunday at the Peggy and Dennis Clausen's home in Heron Lake to help Dennis celebrate his 49th birthday.

Saturday Les and Janet Engler visited Myron and Cathy Vonk, and kids at the Vonk residence.

Sunday Les and Janet Engler visited with the Craig and Amy Gersema family in Slayton. Give Janet a call a wish her a happy birthday this week!

Marvin and Corky Schroeder of Worthington were visitors at the Elsie Gustafson home Friday evening.

LuEtta and Duane Hedrick's weekend guests were Luann Ellingson and David Brunello from Lakeville.

Cindy Bristow enjoyed watching the Twins game with Sheila Paplow at her home on Saturday, with another win.

Gene and Joyce Speth enjoyed the Leopold Family Reunion at Maka-Oicu on Saturday.

Marilyn Starett and Janice Rehnault of Worthington were visitors at the Butch and Carol Willford home on Sunday. Marilyn and Janice enjoyed supper at the Dundee Steakhouse later, with Cindy Bristow joining them.

Cathy Hogan from Eagan, MN was a weekend guest at the Agnes Hogan home.

Sharlotte and Sierra Rindfleisch and Erik and Justin Jass went to the Slayton pool on Tuesday evening.

Sharlotte and Sierra Rindfleisch and Erik and Justin Jass attended the Nobles County Fair on Friday evening.

Erik and Justin Jass went to the rodeo at the Nobles County Fair Friday evening.

Friday, Sharlotte and Sierra Rindfleisch visited with Ray and Lenor Kilker at their home in Worthington.

Gordon Harris of Mohave Valley, Arizona stopped by Kinbrae via Sturgis S.D. to visit his close friend, Mike Hendel. Mike Hendel also had the girls motorcycle ensemble from various locales celebrating their annual visit. They stayed in his antique filled barn on scenic Jack Lake.

Nina and Christie Hendel of New Ulm spent the weekend at the Tom Hendel farm of rural Kinbrae. They shot trap at their Uncle Mike's famette on Jack Lake.

Gordon Harris of Mohave Valley, Arizona and Mike Hendel visited an old high school classmate on Sunday. Later they joined Tom Hendel, of rural Kinbrae to enjoy supper at the Dundee Steakhouse.

Dianne Legler visited with Clara Henkels on Tuesday.

Saturday Dianne Legler, Cathy, and Ryan Sinnamon went shopping to Sioux Falls.

Last week, Monday, Randy, Betty, and Dustin Rindfleisch made their annual trip to the Knoxville Nationals. Their guests were Jeremy Dronen and Heather Peter of Heron Lake. Donnie Schotts was the winner this year.

Tuesday Jeremy Dronen and Dustin and Randy Rindfleisch went golfing at the Knoxville, IA golf course. Later Jeremy Dronen and Randy Rindfleisch went to the hopping bar "Dingas".

Bill, David, and Russ from Topeka, KS were visitors at the Rindfleisch campsite on Wednesday.

Thursday Jeremy Dronen and Randy Rindfleisch met up with Kevin Busch and Randy Holt of Fulda and Jim Larson of Slayton to play a few holes of golf at the Monroe, IA golf course.

Friday, joining the same crew, was Dustin Rindfleisch and Heather Peter. They all went golfing at the Newton, IA golf course.

Heather Peter and Dustin Rindfleisch raced against each other at Slideways in Knoxville, IA on Friday.

Randy, Betty, and Dustin Rindfleisch, Jeremy Dronen and Heather Peter returned home from their vacation to Knoxville, IA Sunday morning.

Perry Schweigert and Cindy Bullerman of Fulda attended the Relay for Life in Slayton on Saturday.

Taylor Johanning and Katlyn Cracht of Heron Lake attended volleyball camp Monday - Thursday in Okabena.

Monday, Shar and Sierra Rindfleisch, Erik and Justin Jass, of Fulda and Brenda, Taylor and Dillion Johanning and Alex Meyer of Heron Lake left for their vacation.

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