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June 18, 2003

Week of June 18 State of Minnesota and Jackson County, communities
State of Minnesota

Thomas J. Beaulieu, Belividere, Ill., speed, fined $80.

Jodi M. Holst, Windom, speed, fined $90.

Richard A. Humphrey Jr., Dixon, Ill., speed, fined $80.

Brian H. McDonald, St. Catharines, Ont., speed, fined $100.

Justin M. Schempp, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $90.

Joyce A. St. John, Hamilton, Ohio, speed, fined $100.

Sarah A. Ziemba, Lauderdale, speed, fined $90.

Adil A. Ahmed, Brooklyn Park, speed, fined $140.

Randall L. Ballinger, Commerce City, Colo., over width, fined $90.

Jeremy D. Berg, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $100.

Jeremy D. Berg, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $80.

Janet L. Eytcheson, Welcome, no seat belt, fined $65.

Breeanna T. Faleschini, Provo, Utah, speed, fined $140.

James K. Glass, Fargo, N.D., speed, fined $90.

Jerome K. Hepp, Jackson, speed, fined $90.

Brian L. Jaffari, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, speed, fined $80.

Karin K. Jespersen, Rock Valley, Iowa, speed, fined $90.

Lindsey R. Johnson, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $90.

James L. Kain, Aurora, Ill., speed, fined $90.

Elizabeth J. Missett, Edina, speed, fined $80.

Julie A. Nelson, Rice Lake, Wis., speed, fined $100.

Fred C. Pilgrim, Warren, Ohio, speed, fined $100.

Arthur B. Robinson, Seabrook Pg, Md., speed, fined $80.

James R. Soulak, St. Paul, speed, fined $80.

Chad W. Traeger, Eagle Grove, Iowa, speed, fined $80.

Jacqueline S. Vind, Sherburn, no seat belt, fined $65.

Todd E. White, Madrid, Iowa, speed, fined $90.

Elizabeth J. Collin, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $100.

John G. Donkers, Owatonna, speed, fined $80.

Robert D. Herman, Wilder, no seat belt, fined $65.

Amber L. Jerdee, Slayton, speed, fined $80.

Neal K. Lentz, Spencer, Iowa, speed, fined $100.

Brenda S. Sauer, Fulda, speed, fined $80.

Andres M. Cardoza, Brookings, S.D., no Minnesota driver's license, fined $145.

Donald I. Hyde, Norwalk, Iowa, speed, fined $90.

Myron W. Roberts, Jacksonville, Ill., speed, fined $90.

Thomas E. Stuever, Addison, Ill., speed, fined $110.

Daryl E. Tasler, Windom, no seat belt, fined $65.

Louis A. Cunningham, Rapid City, Ill., speed, fined $80.

Joseph A. Dunkerley, Stoneboro, Pa., speed, fined $80.

Abdallah T. Hamayel, Chicago, Ill., speed, fined $110.

Steven K. Heer, Vermillion, S.D., speed, fined $80.

Jason L. Hintze, St. Paul, speed, fined $100.

Matthew C. Kneip, Sioux Falls, S.D., speed, fined $80.

William B. Oertli, Dodge Center, speed, fined $80.

Troy D. Olson, Worthington, speed, fined $90.

Luke R. Price, St. Paul, speed, fined $80.

Lenwood W. Richey, Cane Hill, Ark., speed, fined $190.

Corrine A. Bartosh, Dundee, speed, fined $80.

Dawn M. Horton, Deer Lodge, Mont., speed, fined $80.

Diane M. Reichart, Estherville, Iowa, speed, fined $80.

Russell A. Walker, New Hope, speed, fined $80. County of Jackson

Troy E. Fisk, Alpha, no seat belt, fined $65.

Chad W. Newell, Lakefield, speed, fined $90.

Yu F. Zherg, Spirit Lake, Iowa, speed, fined $100.

Jaana M. Betgaco, Worthington, speed/no Minnesota driver's license, fined $245.

Ralph M. Klingler, Estherville, Iowa, speed, fined $100. City of Jackson

Brandi R. Fredericksen, Estherville, Iowa, speed, fined $90.

Maurice L. Shoen, Fairmont, parking violation, fined $20.

Robert c. Clark, Milford, Iowa, speed, fined $90.

Roger H. Clausen, Palm Desert, Calif., speed, fined $90.

Vilaysak Phetsarath, Jackson, driving after revocation, fined $345; 90-day jail sentence stayed for 90 days, pay within three months, jail is discharged.

Dale E. Wenzel, West Fargo, N.D., no seat belt, fined $65.

Carolina M. Korth, Randolph, Neb., speed, fined $80.

Emily E. Milbrath, Jackson, speed, fined $90.

Emily E. Milbrath, Okabena, no seat belt, fined $65. City of Lakefield

Craig N. Schroeder, Alta, Iowa, no seat belt, fined $65.

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